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Independent filmmakers Silke Schranz and Christian Wüstenberg travelled round the fifth continent for 100 days in a camper van. With no commercial bias, they show in spectacularly beautiful pictures all the things they found in Australia that were exciting, awe-inspiring and exotic.

"Australia in 100 Days" is a real road movie. Many Europeans dream of a holiday in Australia. The problem is the sheer vastness of the country. By European standards, it stretches from Lisbon to Moscow or from North Norway to Turkey. So where should you head to if you don't have too much time? The filmmakers travelled 22,000 kilometres round the entire continent, documenting every day with their cameras and offer an extensive insight into all of Australia's regions. What sets it apart from normal documentaries about other countries is that "Australia in 100 days" is presented without any pathos at all.

The cinematic journey begins in Perth, follows the secluded west coast north to Darwin, goes through Alice Springs in the Red Centre, through to tropical Cairns, and from there heads south via Sydney and Melbourne round to Adelaide. The pair even made a detour to the pristine Tasmania. The result is a good-humoured mix of personal experience, nature documentary and travel guide. The film offers loads of great travel tips. Absolutely anyone can directly follow the route from the film. Languages: English/German

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